A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

a word from........

This week saw the instalment of s's caravan , not a cute little quilted retro one[which the guy no longer wants to sell BIG SULK!] but a big hunking brute!! My kids are so lucky imagine your own pad at 17 with a gardener , cook, laundress, and alarm clock, some how i think i got it wrong it should be me in the caravan....

I'm meeting elizabethm tomorrow, and we're of to bodnant we'll post a photo .

Had my first taste of tree sap wine today it's a bit watery as yet ,but its sparkling and it looooks lovely, it's got the cloudness of something truly organic [or not fermented]..

Suffolk mum i'm glad you noticed my advert and that you liked it a certain lady jane from exmoor did the writing, Diolch yn fawr...xxx

the picture shows the caravan stuck again and the men sawing down my gate posts, where's monty when you need a fence removing?????????

S'S 17th tomorrow her boyfriends working so we'll have a b b in the field or summat with lots of my friends.as well as hers ...xxxx


  1. Advert what advert? I think that teh caravan would make a very good pied a tere do you think there would be room for me?

  2. Big Caravan, can't be bad for 17.
    Have a good day tomorrow seeing elizabethm.

  3. Hello Jo, and thanks for your words.
    No, the Shoe Man did not deliver all the cartons. All the cartons full of shoes were delivered by our regular DHL delivery man. (He is a true talker, and I could do blogs on him.) Shoe Man may never be seen again, but who knows?
    Another day off tomorrow (my delayed Easter, before it expires off of the human resources/payroll dept. charts.) I may get to paint.
    Happy birthday to lovely S.

  4. Happy Birthday to S!!!!!
    What a great caravan - imagine having that at 17! Woo-hoo!
    Have a great time meeting with Elizabethm! Can't wait to see photos!

  5. Wow what a fabulous abode for a 17 year old, I'm jealous! (Not that I'm 17, sadly!) Jane did a good job on the advert. Have a great day tomorrow with Elizabeth.

  6. and yes that one does look like a hedgehog. I think I'll take my boys up the forest over half term and they can do a bit of tree spotting. I think my four are probably a bit too young to turf outside in a caravan but it does sound tempting especially when I have to face the eldests tip of a room.

  7. Have a great day with elizm - she sounds wonderful. We will await all the goss.
    Huge caravan.
    Super looking dogs.I too missed the advert - love mousie

  8. great photo. only got one from my efforts yesterday but will post it with my blog now. thanks for a great afternoon.