A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Open day

Well i'm back, almost feeling normalish, Why oh why???? was the open day moved to the day after sports day! it's just to much excitement ! And all falling amidst the ragwort weeks oh and the 4o chimes order..
WEll it's all done now phew !!! just a tour of devonish & dorsetty areas with nelly this week sleeping in the van and pretending to be surfers, i love my travelling adventures with the children very spontaneous! never enough money! but always memorable..

Back to the garden i lost count at 65 strangers wandering around ! there was lots of positive feedback and lots of cuttings taken, someone even ate my peas.!!! how dare they.

when we first volunteered 7yrs ago only 2 other villagers took part and the Redcross where desperate for gardens and ours was work in progress and still is but the same people have come back year after year to see whats happened , it's nice not at all posh like the NGS can be which is a good thing really, though you do get some folk trying a tad to hard.....Next year I won't try at all it seemed people got out of their cars said Wow!!! that view!! AND WHAT A GORGEOUS DOG!!! Ethan was loving it and definatly stole the show preening and posing like a super model.. We kept tye inthe house just in case he brought anything truly gross back to show people or even worse a still kicking rabbit !! i really don't think the town folk could have coped with that.
Even more embaressing nell and her 2 friends had set up anobstickle [just got to leave that mistake] in the yard for ben the JR to do and they'd placed a bowl with coppers in hoping for donations young entrepaneurs or what!!!! needless to say i made them share it with me...
But not reallyxx
Pili pala is over from France and when we get a sober moment we will get her blogging....
As for sports day as per usual the weather is always good, Well for once i entered no races, missed the tug of war !! watched the tractor pull !! I did MOSH?? with the vicars wife, very narrowly missed getting squashed by to ladys falling over oucchhh!! and met up with friends i only see this one day a year , we got in much earlier than usual {1.30am} with more children than i left with!!! explain that one!. There was a Bucking bronco thing in the square to No i didnt go it but colon did when i wasnt looking and stuck on for 27 seconds i was impressed his friend ie 2 seconds! said it was because he was bigger than the cow!!! LOL ..The party continued until breakfast apparently and jacob came home then....A good time was had by all ......What pleased my darlings the most was the fact that i'd lost my voice!! i've no idea how??? have you...xx

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunshine but for how long??

OK i know i look stupid but who cares! Moo is obviously worried and the other dogs have legged it..
Seeing as the weather as been so bad i've delegated today to painting the kitchen and no sooner have i emptied the bookshelves! and started to paint and the flippin sun comes out! sod's law, never mind i quickly donned my new wellies and pranced about, but thought i'd best stop or sbs will drown me if it starts to rain again..
J was 19 yrs old yesterday the same age i was when i met colon, it seems only the blink of an eye where as the time gone ? And i hope the next 19 don't go as fast..
The harness racing was cancelled in the village yesterday because of the weather and the llaneffydd show, I think we are all truly fed up now arnt we and the summer is flying by.
Well i'm going outside to make the most of it and do a bit more tidying for next sundays open day...then back inside to finish what i've started..xx

Friday, July 20, 2007

Just a quick one!

Good evening everyone, thought i'd blog before i chill...
The young wwoofer left today she was a lovely girl and a big help .. so today after dropping her off at the coach, we had a girly day out along with colon bless him, you could see his eyes glazing over as we entered yet another clothes shop asked his opinion ! then ignored it! well he should know better than to go shopping with 3 girls..I had a stroke of luck i went to town last week with sorrel [she passed her theory test] and i saw a blue quilt in a charity shop, it was really nice but £7 seemed a bit steep so i left it, later in the day i said to s let's collect it on the way home i really want it... but we forgot! so today i went back and it was still there i went all hot! it'd been reduced to £4 see destiny i was meant to have it, i took it to the till and she said you can have that for£2 bllooooomin ek! it felt like christmas,it's in the washer now and it's the most perfect blue....
I've had a day of from ragwort but my hands and arms are so sore and i'll have to continue tomorrow, but i will win..
Pili palas in the village for a month so i'll give her a hand setting up her page and blogging ...then she can join in the fun,,,xxx
If any of you are interested in my mobiles i still do make some to sell privatly but mainly i supply shops...They are £15 and £2 p/p which is half the retail price to my purple coo mates..xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To much to do and not enough time.....yet again

I just needed to put this picture up to remind myself that i do manage to have quality time here, and i'm not always upto my eyes in gardens ,fences,Bracken ,thistles, docks, and the bain of my life Ragwort.. why on earth do we give ourselves this extra work..Somedays i really want a town house with just enough garden to keep me occupied and enough rooms so we arn't cramped, and far enough away that i can't hear jakes exhaust roaring......

Bookings are coming thick and fast for a change for the" basket making "in september and the "colour s of the tree's"natural dyeing and felting course in october so thats a relief......
I also have an order for 40 mobiles to be done by next week I'm quite enjoying doing these cos i've got new ball's [i'll await sbs's comment about them]..
Meanwhile this glass of chilled wine feels lovely against the blisters on my Hand's , but i need to go back out to do a slug hunt and some deadheading, what i need is all you gardeners here helping me to get ready for the open day in 12 days yikes and double bloomin yikes...xxxo

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mystery rose etc!

Well here's the rose that didnt want to appear in the common room again i think she got shy..

We've got a german wwoofer with us for 2 weeks i am so glad , a ragwort pulling assistant, poor girl she seems very nice and she's staying in" Le petite pois"and thinks it's wonderful pheww..Shes been helping me polish mobiles today which is a big help as i've an order for 30.

And yikes we just had a phone call the "Open garden's" of which we are one has been brought forward to the 29th july! instead of the 30th of august! the place is a jungle, which i suppose will make a change it's usually parched and yellow.
But not only that i know for a fact i'll be drunk on the 28th, it's the village sports day which starts at 1pm and finishes on the 29th sometime ho heck ! But its a tradition which cannot be changed.
And i hope pili pala flutters over to play..
AS for camping out in this weather i think we'll put it off a while !
Nearly forgot the elderflower champagne turned out a treat so cheers.xxoo

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Work work work!

"I've been so busy doing nothing working the whole day through". doing orrible jobs, no fun this week every where to wet and grey and my plants are rotting, doesnt somebody know a sundance we can do?????
I've made wine which you've all seen , i'm going to try Heather mead next and see how that works....
Today all day we've fitted a monty proof gate and repaired some fencing and it feels good to see a job completed. Tomorrow we dismantle J's old caravan which is not fit to reuse.
Now i'm going out to try and bring some semblence of order to the front garden while the suns out...i've got one bit off good news theres a wwoofer coming next week ,perfect timing for ragwort removal "there is a god after all"....
and while it's been raining i've been chcking out other sites i've not visited for ages,Not the Boring one!! t
The Greyhound one, and guess what i've got another arriving in two weeks!!! mad !mad! mad! i know but i'm soft.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Miseries Moi!!

This would have been far easier if was for what makes you miserable, i've got a huge list of those and most of them have happened this week......Needless to say i've dragged my self up by the scruff and here goes !!!!

Most definately MUSIC the louder!!! and more air guitarish!! the better.
Go out anywhere! ! do anything!! distraction is good!!
I find when i'm down my body language is! shoulders slumped dragging feet head down ! it certainly was this morning as i rounded up the neighbours sheep again!, and i thought if i wasnt doing this for someone else! and knew i had a load of damage to repair waiting for me! i'd be striding out and enjoying it!! So i walked faster shoulders back even ran for a while, i felt 100% better when i got home.
Another is driving with the music really loud and singing at the top of my voice the music as to be loud because i sing or shout terribly!! But i forget i've only got a cloth roof !! you should see peoples faces when they hear me ! ! it has me in fits...
Number 5 adopt another greyhound! ! she's arriving in 2 weeks..
Here's a number 6 for good measure! Start a tea-towel fight as above and then leg it...................xxxx
Have you seen all the orb's on there actually i think mine are dust...