A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"ecstatic trance dance"

It sounds a bit weird doesn't it .....Thats what i thought so i went!! And it was a fantastic experience let me tell you all about it...

The teacher T had newly qualified and i had be invited along as a guest to her house with a friend to celebrate their where only five of us including T.
She lives in an idylic spot in a beautiful house overlooking rolling hills, The studio was calm and had opening doors taking in the view.. It was all very laid back no alcohol just tea .
I felt a wee bit self concious as i'd spent the hour before chasing sheep from the garden and had just enough time for a quick wash and grab whatever was clean to wear {crops and a huge green t shirt} no make up. Everybody else had made an effort and looked lovely in floaty dresses and lots of jewellery [the way i used to dress].....

We stood in our own space feet apart calmly breathing in through our noses and out through our mouths Eyes shut.
Then the ryhthm started We had to move our toes to the music for what seemed like ages then our legs etc etc i was a bit wary of my neck and shoulders they'd been painful for days and a trip to the neck doctor was due....
The rhythm changed and our breathing two fast breaths in through the nose and one out from the mouth which we had to do every time i daily thought started to intrude...The music was tribal and we had to bend our knees keeping them soft and shake boobs bum legs everything it was really quiet weird to let go but i did and i stood on one spot {{{shake' shake' shakin'}}} and breathing fit to hyperventilate..
We where told we may see visions or recieve messages it effects people differently i'd listened tongue in cheek..
But it was true it worked i got quiet emotional and cried while i shook, i can't explain really what happened i felt connected to my ancestors i saw a great line stretching back through time a line of females all with so much in common still connected then before i could really rationalise it a normal thought intruded and no matter how fast i breathed or shook i couldnt recapture that moment.
The music slowed and i peeped i couldnt help it!! And I was at the other end of the room facing the wall with no awareness of how i got there.
Next was a complete "free for all" just dance inside or out with your eyes closed with the chanting "breathe of fire take me higher" Then we all slowed and lay on the ground while T played [is that the word] her huge crystal singing bowl the vibration seemed to resonate all the way down your spine to your toes..I very nearly slept.
We had danced for over 2 hours it felt like a quarter of that.

We all sat up bleary eyed and wrapped ourselves in blankets and held hands and said the first words to come into our heads i said "connected"...We sat outside until midnight and watched the moonrise..........
To finish the evening off i slept in the woods with tye, i dream't of owls and a black swan chasing a grey chiken..
I have been so calm my neck feels great, and i feel like i found a piece of myself which as been buried beneath the daily grind of day to day living for years..Very very hard to explain...
And next time i believe it will be even better.

I have also decided to give up the shop it's up for let, i want to be free , I need to be outside rain or shine...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've got a tow bar!!!!!!!!

Years ago 18 to be exact my friends husband and i went halfs on a trailor he had a tow bar i didnt ?? figure that.

Now i have one and theres no stopping me.

I bought a mangle for 1p on ebay and scales huge things for weighing spuds for £2.80 more scales these cost a tenner a belfast sink for £5 and any other huge things nobody else wants to move .

It's great fun especialy the reversing which i can't do, i have to leap out and do it by hand.

i've been to the tip twice and have more trips planned ie 2 old dishwashers and some bunkbeds and bundles of wire. all the things i'd stopped seeing laying around the place,isnt it amazing how unsightly things become invisible after awhile...

And I wonder is that what our grans thought of ,of their mangles..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

young ethan.

There was an awful acident this week early morning before i was to set off for the woodfest. Ethan the big greyhound in the middle had a collision with one of the others while running around and the impact broke his neck, there was nothing that could be done and he had to be put to sleep
One day i'll write a cheery blog but life just seems to be doleing out dross for me at the moment.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear heavens above it's ages since i blogged!!
It's really hard isn't it when you've not done it for a while just how hard it is to get going.
We have been really busy i'm working most days [i still have to turn in even if there are no customers in town]..
Last week i went to collect some ebay buys From Blackpool..
A Mangle and a big agricultural scale etcetcetc. I'm new to towing so it was quite an adventure thank gawd i didn't need to reverse.
We did the tourist bit ate at a "greasy jo's" looked around the swag shops, and paid a visit to the "rock shop" . It very nearly made me blush, the shapes rock comes in these days!
It's the "Woodfest" in 2 weeks and i'm having an implement stall as well as clothes hopefully it will boost my takings . If not they will look good in the garden.

Friday, April 2, 2010

He had us fooled .

April 1st Well he fooled us into thinking he was much better, then sneaked off to the place with no fences the minute we turned our backs. TTFN monty i'm sure you'll be waiting at the pearly gates, Which of course you will be sagging in the middle like all ours. xx

When he first arrived i thought "what the hell have i done". At 4 monthes he was all bottom lip and back legs and no evidence of a single brain cell!

As the years passed we learnt this wasn't the case at all, his dopey appearance hid the cunning of a fox and a brain like einstein and a sense of humour [yes thats right ] and i was the butt of most of his jokes..

There wasn't a field or stable which would hold him and electic fences pah bring 'em on .

I've got loads of bent posts and i've watched him albeit without him knowing place his hoof carefully at the bottom of the plastic pole and bend it to the ground so the wire is grounded then then he'd pick up his skirts [if he wore them] and daintly step over...

Also this january when all was frozen including the new pond, i went out to check him and his footprints led across the ice to a monty shaped hole in the middle !!!! I was alone and frantic thinking he was under the ice i couldn't see him so i ran all around the fields, crying and calling his name it's not easy finding a black and white horse when everything is monochrome he didnt reply because he was hiding behind a tree sniggering into his tash!!! Arrgghhhhhhhh he's been a pain and cost me a fortune but boy will we miss him .

Friday, February 12, 2010


I wasn't going to blog then i looked at my side bar and noticed a winnie the poo?? i don't remember seeing him there under followers before ? I clicked and it was Woozle it made me smile and think how lucky we all are .. ps was she always winnie ?? i thought she was a church steeple or something is she playing tricks I wouldn't be surprised. xxx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yikes I was supposed to invent something in november!!! thanks Tatty..

Now what would it be ? A machine that put all the commas, dashes and full stops in the right places would be handy!

I Think i'd like to invent a magic pen and paper so what you drew came to be..

Imagine i could draw my house finished all built and lived in , and drawn Monty in his field and there he'd be as good as gold, i could sit on a mountain and draw my house TIDY imagine and the pots washed. I could draw sick people well and bad folk behind bars..

The list goes on and on and on and on..