A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Friday, June 29, 2007




This is so naughty, sneaking onto the computer when i've only come into make a quick brew but wa lahhh..
Yesterday was utterly brilliant, it is so strange this meeting up the trepidition?? of what people will be like because i'm sure will all build images of each other in our minds well i do, within minutes my images are all wrong but who cares the reality is better Even though i don't have long dark hair snailbeach [maybe next time]..We giggled and and gossiped like we'd known each other for years, and it was only snail beach that dobbies couldn't cope with, she was giving of far to much Heat!!! but we where all very raucous, then we invaded the little chef and made 1 drink each last 2hrs. again we were far to noisy, but the others! kept swearing! and spitting !so i got embaressed and left, when i got outside they'd followed me and proceeded to take the mick out of my Girly car...I wasnt fazed i just put it down to to much caffeine.
It's a damn shame we had to go home next time it's an all nighter, OK...

while i've been doing this QUIM, remember him my catalonian wooffer, as been sending me messages, he's just passed his veterinary exams, i'm so pleased for him..
Best take col is cuppa out now...xxx

Thursday, June 21, 2007


It seem's weeks since i blogged it feels like i've been to busy to write anything interesting or not interesting for that matter... and there's been a kerfufle while i was absent all finished now though which shows how strong we are some of us more sensitive but all sharing a link to pull us together and it's cool..

It's raining here again and i aint going to complain!!! i just wish i hadnt danced so vigorously!!!

The garden as gone beyond the romantic secret garden abundance to the bramble filled forest surrounding sleeping beautys castle!! we turn our backs for two weeks and its a jungle.

The dogs are flea ridden again..Monty is still exilled to "Dai's field" a steep gorse filled bank with a public footpath across it, thinking about it we've not had many walkers coming that way! monty has been known to hold people trapped until they relinquish their picnics,, he loves "tuna sandwiches" very weird and disconcerting for the captured party a meat eating horse.

A month from today There's to be Televised harness racing in the valley below [no i'm not entering M]on s4c unfortunatly and we have aeriel views of the field. Now I'm always opening myself up for hard work and dissapointment so i'll run this past you.. Allow people to bring there picnics and gazebo's to watch from up here for a small donation towards the school or sports commitee 50p each or something...i'll tell the local papers and who are sure to put it in because its televised and maybe get a bit of advertising in there for me as well.. We have loads of parking ..????

It's also j's 19th and a 50th anniversary that day to and the night i usually camp..fun fun fun.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mother Cleans while childs excluded from school!!!

Well where do i start?? i know llanrwst we finaly managed to get some tenants out of the house there they owe £3ooo rent and the newly refurbished carpeted house they moved into 4yrs ago is disgusting...You all know how much i loathe cleaning my own house but i do, but cleaning up after lazy %%$%^&* like them is soul destroying.. any way thats where i've been all week! today i stayed home and did my own stuff, i was ill all night some germ off the carpets no doubt....
Now for the fun bit!! A message on the answer phone..Your daughter elorah has been excluded from school for fighting??! i thought it was a wind up until i saw her face as she got of the bus and her hand clutching a letter..We Are Mean and pretended not to know until she'd told us!
And it was true she had been fighting or rather she'd been hit while sticking up for some one else who was getting bullied! ! The bully had turned on her and slapped her across the face! and i'm glad to say nell responded promptly with one of her own !!! it then turned into a hair pulling brawl [i can just imagine it cringge] Then bully ran away!!! And nell as punishment?????? doesnt have to go to school tomorrow??? [If thats punishment she'll fight everyday i certainly would have.]
She said mum looking very worried and tearful am i going to get shouted at by you??? No i said and hugged her, she replied "i'm glad and i'm sorry but it was the right thing to do"!! talk about a "little house on the priarie" moment!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Swing the cat!

Yesterday, having done all the boring day to day chores!! We went to an open garden in abergele expecting to be a bit bored!! the predictability of modern estate gardens with the inevitable garden makeover themes, decking ,water feature, bedding plant's..Well we where very pleasantly surprised it was stunning a true country garden adjoining another contemporary garden, in all about half an acre with fully matured oaks, tree houses,and ponds and everything looking lovely and lush .....
Then when we'd finished there we headed up to Cefn for a celeagh [?? spelling] and curry. It's a lovely setting truly ancient, Cefn caves now sadly closed down are the site of a prehistoric dwelling.. The village today is spread out and there is no centre the only pub closed last year and the post office about 10yrs ago..
The rock formations and and the large slabs of i think limestone are so weird that they look manmade , they decorate the stone walls and gardens and i want some..

The band playing where "swing the cat"and they are brilliant i love fiddle music..I walked in and saw these 3 big blokes an 2 women and thought how the" berludy hell "did they all fit in my crog llofft, on colins 50th birthday 7yrs ago today and it brought back memories..........I wasnt well at the time depression? stress? whatever its called it's not fun and everyday was a battle just to get out of bed and remember one simple thing was nigh on impossible!!! 3 young children, and my dad clinging to me with his own sadness, we'd lost my mum very suddenly to cancer it was very traumatic and the burden of everyones grief was heaped on my already loaded shoulders and of course hiding my own feelings and grief i allowed them to. But i was crumbling inside......
Well ever the glutton for punishment i decided to throw a surprise party!!! for cols 50th a real humdinger!!.... And my dad announced out of the blue the week before that he was bringing his girlfriend... ?? what a weird feeling happy for him but feeling a betrayel as well i can't explain all sorts of warring emotions!! and dad why now??..... I finally broke down on the way to piano lessons he'd called me to tell me on his mobile and i pulled into a layby and set of shaking and crying with my bewildered children crying around me not understanding what was happening.............150 people came the band was up on the gallery the bouncy castle a big fair ground size one we where repairing for someone was out on the lawn 2 big barrel barbecues where on the go as well as all the food i'd done myself plenty for everyone and of course all my friends donations!!!! Inside i was like a coiled spring i couldn't breath! ! i could see my heart beating through my clothes, i told no one....Outside the heavens opened and all these people squooze into my tiny house, everyone was having a brilliant time col was on form!!and my smile was plastered on and my laugh a bit to brittle even to my own ears, Dancing was out of the question unless you felt inclined to pogo damn British weather!! then they arrived its like i was stood in state at the aga and my dad walked in with a big grin on his face leading a small dark lady i did a double take!!! IT was D my friend from Ireland and it was all planned as a surprise to me!!! what came out of my mouth i don't regret one bit" YOU F...ING BA.....S" Then a photo was taken of me by some one, and i clearly remember thinking i'll remember this moment forever when 2 people who supposedly love you have finally pushed you over the edge,and the smile crumbled from then on......
I'd been there for D through her depression, and my dad but they where to self centered to recognise mine,,,and they still don't know and they never will unless they read this..
Wow did i digress sorry!!!
Anyway last night i danced and danced until i was dizzy! drank real ale and spent it all in pleasant company.....And slept like a log..xxoo

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This is just a little blog i'm still trying to catch up with you all but time just seems to melt away, all the dogs are sat outside peering in at me begging with their eyes for a walk and i'll have to oblige..I finaly put the monkey puzzle branches to good use and built a thing in the tree field, and i've treated myself to a sunlounger that i've left down there just for me to sleep on under the stars on these hot nights......
jake my eldest not mentioned much cos 80% of the time he's an arse and 20% perfect well he's in the first mode at the moment and he's draining me and taking my thoughts he's not really bad[drugs crime etc] just selfish...
The photo is of a painted caravan in llangollen i walked past it twice before i spotted it..xx

Monday, June 4, 2007

Steam Trains.

Yesterday, i woke up in a panic! it was colins dads 80th on the 24th, and he is mad about trains, his living room as a traintrack running all around it with junction boxes stations etc...So i booked him a driver experience day at llangollen, the panic was because he's notoriously fickle and could quite easily have refused point blank to partake!!! and also what if it was to much for him and he hurt himself or became ill???? worry worry worry!!!!!
Anyway it went really well he was a bit taken aback at first as we had to hoist him and shove him into the thing, but he soon joined in the swing of things and donned a boiler suit and hat,,,, we where all sent into the following carriage to be driven by him..
It was a good day and one which will long live in our memories and give him something to tell his cronies about...We had a lovely meal in a new place over looking the river The old mill or somesuch, i'd recommend it..then on to betws to the train museum then home for tea and to discover all my ciders gone flat??

Friday, June 1, 2007

Woodfest wales..

I seem to have spent this last week doing things for everyone else so today i thought Let's play the trouble is everyone else was working!!!! so nell and i went to the woodfest wales it's the first time i've been typically its only 5 miles away but i'm usually working ..........You all know how much i love wood and trees well this place was inspiring the bodgers and wood turners have me glued, i bought myself a lathe 6yrs ago and have never quite plucked up the courage to try it but maybe now i will. There where mad men climbing these ginormous poles it made me feel quite dizzy watching them......Then these other men and one woman dressed in purple !!was she one of us???...Using chainsaws to carve out bears ,dragons, wizards, allsorts! out of huge logs of wood they where magnificent and are all being auctioned on sunday, i'm sorely tempted but i doubt i could afford one...
There was a fair ground and i very stupidly went on one ride!!! and thourghly enjoyed it until i got off!! what is it with getting older that makes fair ground rides make you sick and stay dizzy all day????? We did felting and wood engraving.....
A good day out and well worth a visit.
Yesterday we went to llangollen to book a special trip for colins 80yr old train mad dad, he's actually going to get to drive a steam train!! but thats a different story that i'll tell you on sunday......