A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Time where does it go????? I've had a lovely day today memorable in it's simplicity, just me nell and tye !! She chatters continualy mum do you remember this??? mum do you remember that??? I shake my head,, I know it was years ago when i was young [shes only 12 now]...It's wonderful the family stories and memories change from year to year , but i do love to listen to her more colourful version of the most mundane things ...Today we cloud watched sprawled out on a rocky outcrop! and it brought tears to my eyes because it only felt like i did it yesterday with my mum on sunbeds!! in the back garden in rhyl,... we hid from ramblers and spied on them , odd i know but fun and a lesson. we identified footprints, Otter,fox badger, sheep, deer,and tye..we taught him to climb trees "watchout squirrels"...And nell found a sheeps skull that she s brought home yuk... all in all a blumin lovely day....xxx

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A time for quiet!

Well here's a bit of purple from bodnant, it seems both our cameras where jinxed that day, but who needs camera's when elizabeth as discribed the day so well , I came away with neck ache the trees are so tall,,,, imagine the people who planted these specimens would have seen them as twigs they planted them for us and i say Thank you ..it is splendid........

I,ve had 2 days alone it as been very strange no TV or radios or bickering just silence and i feel refreshed ...Nell is camping with friends and the other two are busy working and colin. i'm at home with the rain beating down outside it's Bliss............i was going to force myself to go to the bodelwyddan garden show, ,i go every year and enjoy it, i don't think it would be rained off ! well it's flowers and garden furniture so you'd think not and i may get a bargain....

Thanks again for a lovely day elizabeth and you never know you may be at Bodelwyddan.....I can't seem to get on to CCW today i'll try later..xx

Thursday, May 24, 2007

a word from........

This week saw the instalment of s's caravan , not a cute little quilted retro one[which the guy no longer wants to sell BIG SULK!] but a big hunking brute!! My kids are so lucky imagine your own pad at 17 with a gardener , cook, laundress, and alarm clock, some how i think i got it wrong it should be me in the caravan....

I'm meeting elizabethm tomorrow, and we're of to bodnant we'll post a photo .

Had my first taste of tree sap wine today it's a bit watery as yet ,but its sparkling and it looooks lovely, it's got the cloudness of something truly organic [or not fermented]..

Suffolk mum i'm glad you noticed my advert and that you liked it a certain lady jane from exmoor did the writing, Diolch yn fawr...xxx

the picture shows the caravan stuck again and the men sawing down my gate posts, where's monty when you need a fence removing?????????

S'S 17th tomorrow her boyfriends working so we'll have a b b in the field or summat with lots of my friends.as well as hers ...xxxx

Monday, May 21, 2007


Just thought i'd add this wonderful Root and Rock formation..Nel says it's a hedgehog.x

It's in.

We've just got in at 9pm having finaly got s's new caravan on site, it's lovely and she's so pleased and can't wait to deck it out in her finery,But she's a wee bit tired and has gone straight to bed..
I heard my first cuckoo today!!!! i did see it last week under attack from two teeny birds whose nest it obviously had its eye on......
A hypnotist came on the straw bale course and she's coming camping at the end of july when i have a gathering of friends, and said she will do the flying carpet??? please enlighten me someone....xx

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boy am i aching today, and not really looking forward to another to another day with a jcb chomping around . ahhhhhhh just had a message he's not coming , but darn we really wanted to get all the mucky work done at the same time and the fences back up..monty and merry really wanted to party last night and twice they escaped, i've had to park the car sideways at the entrance to keep them in, i bet the neighbours think i'm completely bananas ...and the dog's have to be kept in or they'll be off , the greyhounds running blithly up the road not realizing they are running away! because they're used to circular track's and in there mind's if they keep going they'll get back to you eventually..ddddddduuuuuuuuuuu .
Theres VW show at bodelwyddan castle i may clean mine and drive down to see whats going on,well it's a beautiful day and early so theres lot's of options..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Egg & chicks

Today we continued to dismantle sorrels caravan, what a chore, and what huge spiders which have both of us scutteling for safety until they move on !! the webs under the thing are like net curtains! ! needless to say we've left that part to colin , i just hope they don't move into the house.....it's not rained today i''d like just one more day of it so i can get this caravan burned without risk of burning the mountain as well....
While we were all busy hammering a noise got through to me a bird in distress ! i,ve had it before when the cuckoo or magpies are up to mischief , so i quickly went to investigate and my Fat slapper of a dog had found a nest in a wall which she'd proceeded to dismantle to get at the nest and had killed the new chicks and broken the eggs while the parents watched! "boy did she get it". And the poor bluetit is still out there in a flap..i've just come in to cook tea, and colin said don't bother feeding sash she's had "egg and chick's"..My family have a sick sense of humour.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Full butt's

"There's nothing quite so satisfying as knowing your butt's are full to over flowing".
2 busy days running up and down hils with hoses and now i can chill and enjoy what the rain as wrought,the garden is splendid lush and green in every shade far more than forty me thinks , from the acid green of the euphorbia to the delicate shade on solomons seal !but i won't count.....and the ponds are full and brimming with watercress........
The teacher for the dowsing course phoned me today to cancel he's got to go into hospital next month i wish him well and we'll do it later in the year, still i've got send money back and dissapoint people and i hate that , but kay serah ??
Nells foot is much better as the photo shows....
We've got 2 static caravans arriving this week, they are to replace the existing ones the children live in [that sounds bad] so lots of work and dismantelling this week, but they are so posh compared to the sheds they've been in the one that is being dismantled was tatty 20yrs ago and all 5 of us lived in it for a year during renovations ,,,,,,,,and having a very good friend with a caravansite they are only costing delivery.........even better..xx emmerdale now.xx

Saturday, May 12, 2007

monty revenge!

We woke up to another glorious day,and the sounds of the girls getting monty ready to take to the river, they've been looking at my old shots of Appleby horse fair and fancy swimming a horse down the river [ it's only 2ft deep so not much chance of that], i popped out before they left and poor monty they've given him a hair cut, it rivals cowgirls drunken snipping, they'd taken 2ft of his tail and his fringe is ridiculouse he looks like a pantomime horse! I was very cross and ranted and raved..........sorry mum! sorry jo! sorry mrs rowley![the last one as only just met me and is still in awe] they'll all said looking very contrite........and off they scuttled....
I continued up bodran to the spring to see if anything was happening and faffed about with the pipes,,,,,,,,When "I Felt a call" a jolt in my belly! ! i stood up and listened not a sound?? i started to walk down slowly holding my hair back so i could hear! was that a sheep? yes i carried on down anyway and the house was in view.....There it was again!!! i couldn't make out words just recognised noises, and i started to run ....."it felt like i was running through treacle" "in slow motion like a nightmare" Thought's are flashing through my head ! they've been hit by a car! !!who's hurt the horse or the children !!! or both!! one's fell off! !!ones been kicked! I could hear the screaming clearly now MUM ! !! MUM!!!MMMMMMummmmm into the house for car keys what will i need mind racing!!! mobile!!! towels!!! apples!!!?? at least 3 mins must have passed now it feels like 15 leapt in the car shot down the drive to be met by a volvo at the end!! [my heart is in my mouth] a guy gets out, opens the door and lets a tearful nelly out ! ""The horse stood on her foot""he said.......

Well i got her home it is bruised and she'll lose a nail nothing a cuppa and a bowl of water couldn't fix, Well monty got his own back for the hairdo the old bugga!!! I wonder if he knew????
What is amazing is theres no way i could of heard her from where i was! ! !there was about two miles and hills between us and blumin sheep bleating!! a strange twilight moment......................And having relived this i need a stiff drink.....thank god it was only a foot..x

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Justa quickie it's windy today and my blogs have a habit of being blown away like last nights, i know i should put them on word but still don't know how.....
We've had rain nowhere near enough though i've spent hours up'thill trying to coax water down in hoses using gravity, but if there's not enough there it won't come..
I went to wrexham yesterday and bought pink and cream chintzy blinds for the conservatory, so i've come over all pink today covering the sofa in the pink patchwork quilt,taking out the huge table and brought in the dropleaf and put a big rosy bucket on it full of bluebells and stitchwort and lilac which had blown off the tree, it looks so different and smell's divine....do all women do this?? i loathe housework ! ! !... so i'll go out and buy something homey and it makes me want to titivate and tidy the particular room its for..Well it works for me!!
I also did the finishing touch to the bathroom and hung the beads at the window, they look brill they are all irridescent like the tiles and i've cut them so they follow the archway! they certainly don't look like a cheap door curtain now..
My pile of clothes is still on the bedroom floor awaiting sorting! ! but hey it's sunny i need to play...xxxx

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

shopping and no caravan.

Sorrel and i went to wrexham "girly shopping"..we called in at afonwen on the way just by elizabethm [ not a good day to call]....And it was there i suddenly noticed my little girl is a beautiful confident young woman!! when did it happen?? it's like i blinked and the child has gone ! ! and i missed her! but in her place is a friend a soulmate on a different level to before and i'm full of pride but i'm also sad for the passing of years and the fact that my mum who she is so like will never see her! .. this is maudlin i know sorry....
Well its rained "thank you all for sending it my way" and tatty your moat will just have to wait if i can't have one no one can!!
My necks not stuck yipeeee!!!!!!
Bought myself a head massager today ohhhh its blissss what a brilliant simple idea...
we spent ages in Primark, and spent lots " in aue natrel"...
One very disapointing thing the man with the turquoise caravan has changed his mind and isn't selling it hhhmmm , another will come along though maybe not quilted...sob..
One good thing 120 pieces of cutlery to do mobiles with......
I'm desperatly trying to fill the lime plaster course and the dowsing course at the moment toady or i'll have to cancell the teachers, you'd think it would be so easy to coordinate 12 people for one day???? but not so..xxoo.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A word from........

Today i had to go out!!!! dah daaaa!!!!! I know it 's weird only 6 monthes ago i was going out every day dressed up to work. But now i really have to build myself up to leaving bodran! i save as many errands as i can, i let the cupboards run bare, so i have to go.. the thought of doing my hair [which i did and cricked my neck first time this year but that'll be £50!! to have it clicked i hate it..] putting on some tutti and wearing something other than combats and huge tops and walking boots puts the fear of god in me!! but i did it,
! ! back went the late library books with a £1.20 fine! letters posted, tax disc got ,how boring , had a decent lunch in the new italian with sorrel and colin a tad over priced though but a nice waiter..
The rain fall here as been pathetic and we need it, we purchased 6 more very large containers last week which we have placed strategicaly around the place to make the most use of gravity to feed the water down to us " SO COME ON RAIN WE'RE WAITING".. i know i'll rain dance hhhheeeyyyyaaaaaaa hhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyaaaaaa .... oop's no not good for the neck ,,,,we'll i'm off to sit with a hot sausage around my neck now...xxxx seeya'll at the partyxx

Sunday, May 6, 2007

not blogging just saying hi!

I've stayed in all day anticipating rain then i could run out and fill barrels! but no rain here ! yet..so watched calamity jane instead..everyone s happy and jolly and i'm drinking red see ya all tomorrow xxoo ragrug.....

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A word from .............

I'm sat here eating fish&chips and drinking red wine yummy,,,
some bl...dy walkers arrived down the hill all dressed up in strappy sandals and slacks and sat on the breeze blocks by the extension and proceeded to talk really loudly and i'm sat 20ft away, i acknowledged them thinking they'd move on but they sat for 20 flippin mins with the dogs going berserk how bloody pig ignorant!! i was tempted to get my catapult out, then out comes the culprit a republication of "pub walks" If i got hold of the bloody writer i.d kill'em..they should put a country etiqette in big letters at the front........There i've had my rant all's back to normal now.....
What can i say what have i done today!!sh.. just remembered i emptied my ward robe this morning ,it needs sorting so i can find some different clothes instead of just the ones at the front, the pile must be 5ft high half the stuff no longer fits and the other half seems to be working clothes overwashed and torn!! i really really dont want this job now maybe i'll just push it off the bed onto the floor and do it tomorrow....I've planted ,I've installed to more water tanks,I've chased monty around the field whhhoooping just because i wanted to!! and i've cleared alge out of the pond and discovered we've got a fish!! it must have come in as an egg on the weed ?? pretty amazing really..saw two big toads...and i lay on my back on the grass looking up at the blue sky through the branches and new leaves of an oak.......xxoo

Friday, May 4, 2007

A word from .............

HELLO EVERYONE!!...I've made it at last phewww it's been a slog but worth it! i'm here with my mates i hope your all here now , as mongoose joined us and zoe i hope so!!!

Well whats been going on here up on the hill, loads i've had a brilliant week the courses went well and the guests left as friends!! and i'm sure they'll be back, the fabulous weather helped and the copious ammounts of alcohol and food gave everything a rosy glow even the compost loo wasnt so daunting..
We had lots of help from teenagers!! [I've just deleted a load not teenagers i wish] because of google ,darn its curbed my gossiping...
The water situation is looking bad we've had no rain since march the 6th and the lush month of may is a little parched..
I'm hopefully getting a new retro caravan [yes another] it's turqouise and cream and looks like it's quilted it's gorgeous XXX the dilema is do i use it for touring? pulled behind the cream beetle or park it for folk to stay in???
I'll hold a competition to pick a name we have "le petite pois"...read the the small print though...The winner gets a weeks holiday ,but this may be changed at any moment dependng on my mood at the time,and if there are any jobs needing to be done then it will be a weeks work! !self catering !!!we may let you leave! we may not!! we may throw you off [especially if your an extreme bully who eats my chocolate and stays slim] or doesnt drink enough or drinks to much depending on the time of day.........lets forget that idea ehh...xxoo yippeeeeeee