A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Things that go bump in the night..and Ludlow.

It was 4.44 am and i woke up with a start " whats that noise" shhhhhh listen . Slither push slither good god what is it ??

Living where i do i'm used to all sorts of nocturnal noises but this wasn't bats or mice in the loft this was on the roof [And it wasn't a berludy sheep] there were no footsteps pawsteps what ever ! just a dragging sort of noise ! Whats getting dragged over my roof ???? I don't know i hid under the blanket and it went away ............

Ludlow again was fantastic it's the start of christmas for me..

We rented the town house again in leominster [ Library mews] and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to be at the centre of things for a few days. All level walking to the shops and pubs absolute Bliss!!

There were 8 of us this year 7 adults and one Nell poor thing .

I'd also recommend the Jazz bar Sticky tables and sticky floors and string to flush the chain with "very bohemian" Live music and bar staff that looked like they'd been through the wringers one looked like she'd suddenly burst into song No NOOO regrets.

Isnt it the daft things that stick in your mind us all shouting to be heard over the music with a steady stream of punters all tugging their forlocks or saying something completely ilegible?? [not understandable] And Nell sprawled across the table fast asleep her ability to sleep through anything i have cultivated..

And we are going to be in the newspaper or summat. A gent dressed as a merry man took our photos ???? in the fair ..

Colon nearly stuffed up our meeting with Woozle who was coming to the house.. She saw him in the car park and asked him directions and he said he didn't know?? Crossed wires Or cloth ears on cols part Ha..

We did all meet up though and ended up back in ludlow for lunch, it was lovely to see everyone again especially pili who'd come all the way from france ...... until next time xx

PS still no idea what was on the roof ?? Santa and his sack maybe.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time to spare. So what do i do with it.

Don't these dogs realise how lucky they are ? I wouldnt let just anyone wear my wellies.
You can tell i was bored

Not impressed !!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It's a darn shame the weather wasn't like this on monday. see below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holyhead Via ?????

Yes the urge was upon me again a bit of sunshine and the panic that it'ii be far to cold soon to "go out playing".
And the fact that there's far to much cleaning to possibly be done in one day! so hey why waste the day...........

I should have known ! i should have realised ! when my turquoise babe wouldn't start and i had to opt for the green ebay bargain, It is much faster than the other but it has no back box [essential ] and a very hard suspension but hey hooo needs must...
I was sweating in all my gear , Yessss biggest knickers and longest vest and padded waterproofs and knee pads and spare gloves and fleeces under the seat.'' An unreconisable mitchlin man is me.
I choose to head for the a5 via llanrwst rather than the boring a55..But what a weather change as i got closer to snowdonia and the beautiful conwy valley. The valley was like a lake and as i passed over the humped back bridge i saw the road closed signs but ignored them . Gwydir castle [read Castles in the Air by judith corbett] was surrounded by water and and looked for all the world like something from a fairy story with the mist riseing off the trees behind and the low autmun sun making everything golden and mysterious.. The road was flooded but not to much so i headed off up into the Gwydir forest the road was like a river and there where springs spouting out of walls and tree roots, up up i travelled jarring my spine everytime i forgot to stand up when ever i went over a bump .. Theres a stream up here thats so full of iron you can taste it and all the rocks it passes over are ochre coloured, well it was in full spate today and was rushing down the road past me taking its yellow stones along with it , out of the forest now and on to a more ancient landscape of bogs and mountains i passed a few cyclists feeling smug in the fact i had an engine . This road brings you out at the UGLY HOUSE which isnt its gorgeous. It dates from when if you could have four walls and a chimney built overnight and a fire lit in the grate it was yours and if you stood and threw your axe where it landed was your boundaries.

Then on to capel curig and the ogwen valley the scene of many films WILLOW , MERLIN, TOMB RAIDER. Etc Etc.....But bloody hell its windy and Hailstone made me get off and park up until it stopped ....

On the way home coming down this valley my visor blew off !! and it was horizontal drizzle the type that finds every button hole and gap.. I deliberatly took a different route back to check out the ghostly cycle [ghost forum] Well it wasnt an advertisment it was a memorial to a cyclist killed there, but it was white and hanging in a tree ! sooo the confusion was easy.

Then guess what ?? A Fawn greyhound [that contradicts itself] came out of the hedge and ran alongside me on the opposite side of the road hhhhmmm what to do??
So i kept calling it and it followed me then of course duurrr i was back at Gwydir castle it's one of theirs gone walkabout..... so i popped it in and continued on my way to collect nell from school. I'd gone beyond cold to a numb warm the type you knows going to hurt when you start defrosting.....
Poor Nell her face when shes sees me arrive on the bike but she doesnt refuse the lift.......
A lovely in all but i think the getting home to a warm house and a brandy make it more worthwhile............. PS why did i go to holyhead ?? Well colins there so worthwhile..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just a wee catch up ....

This week it's catch up time.I mean i didnt even blog about the Girls visit did i !! Lax or what !!

Well it was brilliant and really well coordinated by Elisabethm who did the ferrying about. Star.

I was a silly twitchy bag of nerves WHY??

No idea !! Cept they where coming to Bodran. Yes my house that last saw a duster 3 monthes before... And a garden that to my eye resembles an explosion of dog turds and builder bags..

Then they were here . It was lovely, kittyb and Lawyerlady 2 brand new people for me to meet and as equally brilliant as any i've met before....

They loved my shop. And Colon bless him with the help of Nell gave me the afternoon off to go play.. Colon Looking enviously at the glut of cakes that had arrived at the shop with them, leave the shop with us. Ha

Lunch out at a mad customers pub..

Then onwards to my place.

We arrived in convoy in time to see a disgruntled sheep legging it up the drive>>>

Standing in my yard and looking up the path towards the house i could see a silver and pink mess !! WHAT THE ?? Whats happened to my MOP BUCKET !?? by then we are all stood there looking , well they are looking at me i'm looking at the bucket . Then jakes head pops out of the house "oh it's you" Whats happened to the bucket ?? i ask " A sheep fell off the roof and landed in it" he'd been watching telly and heard the scrambling and sliding then a sheep dropped past the window and landed on the bucket..........................You couldn't make it up could you.........

This morning on my way to work i saw the hounds from the local kennels out being excercised about 40 of them trotting along the road as merry as ?? dogs getting exercised . And the huntsman and his helper riding along on bikes beside them, What control , it's amazing and it was lovely to see on a misty autumn morning it felt like i'd slipped back to a quieter time..

We've got an amazing array of mushrooms popping up this year far more than normal so i've been out with the camera taking photos so i can identify them.. Is there such a fungus as "dead mans fingers" if so i think we've got them ...

Monty as managed to remain in his field since his starvation stint.

And I have fitted a wood burning stove while cols been away it's brilliant and done in a day instead of the 4 years it took him to connect the last one.. One thing was missing though a chimney pot. The smoke was going up the one flue and down the next ! so brilliant idea i've just the thing !! My rhubarb strainer !! so it's up there a bit fatter than a normal pot but very pretty and doing the job perfectly ............
The photo is of our stall at the anglesey show in August.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spiralling downwards.....

When was it that i became invisible to my babies My adored Kp and Thundercat ?..... It wasn't so long that I was the most important person in their lives and i gave my life over to them.... We Where The 3 musketeers the best of friends campfires woodland adventure's, escapes in the van to remote beaches and always love and hugs and kisses...
KP and i have struggled to keep a relationship over the years being the oldest and male he thinks he knows it all! Well he knows a bit ! He's always been careless in his words and actions and hurts without knowing...
Thundercat had trouble with excepting a new baby into the fold but was very grown up and old for her years my best friend and partner in any mischief i got up to....

I've given them both their freedom and treated them like adults and equals.

A few rules .
Don't LIE ever.
And let me know if you won't be home.

Well thundercat as broken both now that i know , i can see when she lied but can't understand why??
As for the last That is unforgivable with mobiles and to switch it OFF . To me it say's any consideration and respect as gone for the mother waiting at home for the phone to ring at 4 am , or driving around the lanes checking out ditches at 3am on christmas eve.....

Well this morning it came to the crunch. I'd been woken at about 4am by a strange melancholy whistle i'd never heard the like before it was from the soul , as it registered i shot up in bed [colins away] and looked out of the windows the dogs weren't disturbed, and didnt awake. Then a shiver went up my back was it the whistler?? our usual chirpy ghost heard but never seen... Was it a portent like a banshee heralding doom and death ?? How your imagination goes wild at night. Then pop into my head the dark thoughts is colin ok on his own as he fell of that flimsy ladder in the dark ??? Sorrel is she home is she in a ditch or worse at this moment being killed arggghhh in those thought s lies madness stop it ! stop it! go to sleep . Reach for a book and blank it out and read until your eyes burn . I dozed and waited for the alarm.... Bleary eye'd i woke Nell. "wheres soz" my uniform and school bag are in her car ... No answer from her mobile it's turned off !! AGAIN !!! Nell runs to the caravan shes not there her cars not there. why doesnt she let me know ? i need to find her so off to the village and check jen's nope then immys then just a general trawl heart racing..then theres her car phewwwwf outside s's house her ex, like she thinks we didn't suspect . why why Why wasnt she just honest and considerate with me i love her........ Now i have growing pains as they grow away and i've grown into the big bad wolf ...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rambling on..and on and on.....................

I don't really know what to write my life seems so full of inconsequental things that i can't focus.

It's the ragwort time of year for me it really does spoil my summer as every spare hour is spent pulling the bloody stuff up !! and after 21yrs of back breaking labour I have decided to resort to poison next year !!
My dogs are neglected as is the garden the washing pile is higher than me and montys lame ! Why am i sitting in this shop?? why is col working miles away renovating jakes house ?? why do we let ourselves get sidetracked into others lives [namely our children]? will we ever learn /i don't think so...
Can you tell i'm feeling down. i just seem to have run out of steam...

I did the eglwysbach show on saturday it rained all day but people still spent. We then did the anglesey show mon- tue- wed it rained.....and trying to sleep in the van was pretty tough with the rain belting down..
I did meet a new supplier of hand woven raw cotton clothing which is lovely and individual, theres already lots of interest in it...

Last week we went to yorkshire for a night to view and order next years summer collection ..it was nice to get away and stay in a hotel and feel a little pampered..
I've just sold my first piece of the new cotton clothing not bad considering it's only been in the window for 15 minutes...
Last week the shop flooded just before we went away, no stock was damaged but my new carpet suffered . Apparently the drain blocked during a downpour and it came through my wall Lovely'..
Tyson was poorly last week , bless him he had a bladder infection and couldn't stop peeing, he's better now.. Then Monty got laminitus for the first time That'll teach him keep breaking out..And what a pathetic patient he was typical bloke looking really sorry for himself, well he's been starved for a week now and he looks fabulouse and is much happier..
i just had a customer in who wanted to exchange some trousers she'd bought in april at the woodfest because the zip had broken!!! What planet was she from?...
Gorra go xx .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Six random things.

No1... I'm really quite shy..

No2... I wear sensible shoes..

No3...Really Long finger nails make me {{{cringe}}} especially on feet YUK!!!

No5.. Extremely stubborn and tenacious... Will not be told what to do!! and usually do the opposite just to be pig headed..

No6.. I wear socks in bed..

Now i'm supposed to link to mountaineer ??? i'll have a go.. and here's my six victims, i hope you havent already been chosen......Tatty weasel ,Pipany, woozle, Pili pala, francis, pondside..
then you have to pick 6 people xx good luck

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SEE THAT !! thats the whipping post just outside of my shop! behind it are a set of stocks eagerly awaiting the "bobbin rastards that nicked the tools from holyhead "...Yep cement mixer ,crow bars, grinders, hammers you name it they had it and i just want to punish them publicly!!!!! Why not? the scum get away with far to much and need stronger punishment not help or Asbo's [ though a nasty jrt down there kec's would show them] which are worn akin to medals as something to be proud of...And detention centres add to their Kudos or Street Cred..
We'll be very lucky if they are caught but i dearly hope so i want to know who they are who their mum's are i want to know then i can get my revenge and i will.....

Monday, June 30, 2008

The labyrinth.

Yesterday was brilliant. Having been trapped for weeks i was determined to make the most of it.....

An early morning trip 10am to llandudno to buy a till yet more paint and other shop like stuff....

Then Lunch in a proper granny looking cafe that suprised nell and i with it's Quirky menu' she had Waffles with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup HHHMMM HHMMM my quich was very boring in comparison. But guess what ? my 17yr vegetarianism was broken as i filched some off her! shhhhhhhh

We shot down the a55 to Bodelwyddan castle to the lurcher and terrier show, it's the first one i've been to and thoughrly enjoyed.

We took tyson ..Well he didnt know what to make of the place ? the first dog he saw he did his usual "Bring it on mate"act and tied me in a knot, me feeling very foolish amid all these cool dog owners. Then he saw hundreds of dogs in every direction ! his eyes where on stalks and he stuck to my leg like glue, not once venturing away to christen anything..

We missed the rough coated dogs over 28inches not that he would have stood a chance. But we watched the rough bitches and agreed none where as nice as ours........there were some cracking JRT's and amongst all these dogs not one fight or aggressive move was made by any........

I bought some decoy ducks. why???? 2 for £5 thats why and a celtic collar for tye..I also got myself a mad shirt [my old favourite is dead] All sort of camouflaged it's horrible but it hides my bum and as a pocket for my camera and phone and a zip pocket for dinner money ...

Then while busily counting out my pennys i hear "Muuuuuuuuum" I've bought some ducks. and she had and i melted. 2 gorgeous ducklings. We have a pond we have an Ark so why not!!!

We shot home and put them in a bigger box with with food and water and had to shooot out again to go to llanrwst to visit the labyrinth A surreal experience in the Gwydir forest....

First of all we are taken by bus up in to the forest then made to walk holding a rope to a strange building "The prism" were a strange man wearing a sponge helmet told us to look around and "make ourselves comfy" as we'd be here a while! ! very odd ! we where then ushered out of another door and followed a path deep into the forest, passing amazing tree sculptures dressed in ferns ! when we were accosted by a mad woman in RED!!! Who made us wear Red I had a teacosy hat and daft socks mandy was in a big cape. we then had to stand against the green and see how bright we were ?????

We quickly escaped this mad woman leaving the red stuff behind....

Only 20mins later to arrive at a wooden house with another mad woman dressed in yellow[she was a corn on the cob'] who wecomed us to her garden got me to remove my shoes and stand in a flower bed while she WATERED ME!!!! HONEST

we also wove a corn dolly whilst visiting her and had to don yellow clothes , it was a lovely spot and the evening was gorgeous..

Our next encounter was even weirder!!! a darkly handsome rather disturbing man was stood in an arch in the trees, not saying a word and looking at the ground. Who took you individualy by the hand and led you down a path deeper into the undergrowth and made you lie in a freshly dug hollow in the ground and recited poetry about death and your last moments alive!! it was very moving with the smell of the earth and the trees moving above you .{{{ spooky though}}} and very thought provoking..

We followed the path down this bit was highlighted by the large man in Yellow thongs [over his jeans] walking in front......................We then met an amazing fairy who "whispered" and told us a story very quietly in her little bower and sprinkled us with fairy dust and then skipped away.;.;.;.;.;

I then got to paint on silk adding my own little petal to a bigger picture.

Further on out came clog dancers in traditional dress no one spoke they just danced the disapeared it to a roundhouse...

Please believe me when i say i had NOT been eating mushrooms.............................................

Friday, June 6, 2008

Phewwwwwww........I like being busy...... My brain seems to function better everythings clear and simple, and no problem to BIG to overcome ...... I feel 10ft tall and get the urge to stand up on a large rock and shout " Come on" bring it on....... and if this feeling could last i'd rule the world!! a bit like the artichoke above thats taking over the polytunnel!!
Enough of my adrenalin rush.
I should really be working but the anticipation of the utter boredom of sitting in that glass box in Towyn again as made me wilt. it's purgatory when you've got a rack of stuff to do to sit there and watch the zombies feed their money into the machines...it's another world...And i'm in it all weekend argghhhhhhh.
Cols staying in holyhead to push on with the renovation of jakes property so sorrel can open her shop. but she needs a living accomadation as well as a shop and seeing as there are no floors in this place and a very leaky roof and pidgeons on nests!! theres quite a lot to do.

I get the keys on the 11th for my place and i think i'll be open the following week. fingers crossed.
one thing bothers me and i'm sure it would a few of you. it used to be a pet shop you know the type that sells "snakes and tarantulas" well what if any of the spider s live there !!!! or if there are eggs and nests "" yikes {{{shudder}}}} the hairs are creeping on my neck thinking about it. I think i may have it fumigated or something just in case..

I'm off out side now to do one of those jobs you don't dare do when the men are around because they'd want to tell you how....
Dentist 3.30 arcade 6pm -midnight ohhhhhhhh what utter bliss.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lifes a bitch then your horse dies!!

Can't believe it Merry the shetland decided to die . No by your leave or anything he just blumin turned his hooves up and snuffed it..... Montys really pissed and keeps yelling "Where are you hiding you little shitland" and goes off looking behind bushes and braken. bless him..
And now i'm sitting here waiting for the man with the JcB to arrive to dig a hole. an unenviable task.
Here he is now.......Ps if your new here my animals don't usually die.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shake a leg mother nature! cheer us up.

I'm out looking for signs ! something to enthuse
And convince me that spring is here!

And despite the grey sky and sodden ground,,
And the deep chill i think i found some.

Yes i did xx hip hip horray..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goodbye Bud.

This time 3 years ago i wouldnt have dreamed of adopting a dog Especially a german sheperd , what on earth came over me?? Well a few things added to the decision colin and i being away from home at the time renovating the ludlow property hence the kids [oldest being nearly 17 ]where spending at least one night a week with either or both of us away and as tough as Ben the JRT thinks he is! he isnt! And also after the attempted robbery in the shop i wanted something meaner than me behind the counter..
So i popped in for the first of many visits to the Leigh animal sanctuary. I never bother to look at barking dogs or manickly jumping dogs or even over friendly dogs , i seem to be drawn to the quiet lost looking ones who wonder what on earth as happened ? and feel sure there owners will be there in a minute to take them home.
Bud was huge and trying his hardest not to look at the poo he'd done and trying very hard in such cramped conditions to avoid standing in it.. His details pinned up above his cage read, Ben a 4yr old stray from salford, shows no aggresive tendancies...... I was shaking i wanted him but a GSD i must be mad what if he was viscious what if he ate children !
Our first meeting was only remarkable in the fact that I may aswell not of existed he just peered past me and everybody else looking for his owner it was heart breaking .. anyway i had him! parted with £120 and got a credit note to come and swap him if he didnt settle in...

Very warily i took him home dreading his reaction to raucous kids He took it all in his stride even giving ben [jrt] the respect he deserved....Nell had been warned not to mess with him hmmm! the second day she'd bathed him and dried him with a hair dryer while i was out gulp!! he was fine and smelt very nice and the ribbon on his collar made him look like the cowardly lion .. But from the start he gave his heart to jacob if jake went out Bud waited doing nothing else ignoring everyone else and just waited until jake was back then his world was complete!! He even the firstweekclimbed out of an upstairs window to follow the car he was in luckily jake noticed!
His first trip to the vets for his initial check up what a wusss we had to push him and pull him and hold him up he was all a jelly and very funny! The vets conclusion a big soft 8yr old ! We thought he was 4 yrs ............We also learned he was extremely well trained maybe an ex police dog, He would sit and wait for ages shake hands lie down and if you said dead he'd lie there close his eyes tightly and hold his breath !! it was amazing then you'd clap or shout up!! and he'd leap to his feet we didnt even have to say these commands he'd follow hand signals a bloody clever dog!

Jake came in last monday morning and broke down Bud had died in the night....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

seven things

Well here goes!
  1. Colon calls me Arf.
  2. We've got 7 properties.
  3. I give my tenants hell [not really].
  4. I've been self employed since i was 19yrs old as a market trader amongst other things.
  5. I bought my first house when i was 18 a bungalow in criminal bay.
  6. I,ve never been abroad or flown.
  7. I've never climbed Snowdon!!!! shhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yesterday we toiled over the hills to the not so local pub through the sunshine hail and sleet [Fickle weather] and now i'm aching! how unfit am i ? a 5mile walk uphill and down hill no levelbits! so when we actually arrived in time for lunch my feet wouldnt work we throughly enjoyed it though and i slept like a log..

We finally got the concrete base in the exstension at last so building can commence, until we are needed on out 2 new projects.
How does everyone else manage to get there photos amongst their writing??? instead of a row at the top all suggestions gratefully recieved.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

holyhead ferry terminal
It's ages since i've been here I seem to have been tied up doing other peoples business flitting from Holyhead to Denbigh as the sales for the shops slowly go through, making a note of tradesmen needed ie roofers!! and making myself known at the local councils for planning etc, meeting suppliers and organising a stand at the Anglesey show and trying to buy a marqee all really quite exciting and and me going widdershins back to my old trade as a shopkeeper Yes!!! i'll be manning my own shop in Denbigh and i've managed to snag "The earth collection" for north wales (good priced clothing in natural fibres and ethicaly made Etc etc) .All i need now is some money and Wah la!!! ..
The down side Stuck in doors all the time!! and dealing with the general public!! AGAIN you'd think i would have learned by now but needs must... and this time i'll have a computer to keep me saneish!!
Yesterday in all that typical Rain was our first course of the year "Drystone walling" wet stone more like, everyone was drenched but having a great time..Tomorrow i have a hedgerow course to do what we are going to cook i don't know?? maybe make Gorse mead, or nettle soup and i've spotted some water cress! i'll see what the day brings .
The workshops arnt nearly busy enough to live off and i need to be kept busy or else i get toooo lethargic especially this time of the year When we get 1 glorious day and 6 shitte one's, i can't seem to motivate myself to one job and try to do Ten and finish none so i give up and read..
The photo above is from the back window of the holyhead shop not much but when a ferrys docking it's really good.............

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another ordinary day...

It's been a good week a busy week. we've been looking around for a property for our son to buy and renovate, and it looks like we've found it our offers been excepted so i'll be spending a lot of time in holyhead in Anglsey over the next few monthes, getting the shop up and running for sorrel [its a shop and flat] i'm quite looking forward to it .. and not only that its really close tothe ferry 200yds, so i'll be nipping over to ireland i imagine...

This Morning i dropped of nell in llanrwst, and then went to the police station for a visit [I'm well known there]..buying crumpets and butter on the way. As i strolled up a voice boomed out "WELL they're an offence for a start " pointing at my jazzy wellies!! Ha very funny!!! Then hugs and kisses all round xx and then coffee and crumpets with my dear friend M and the other duty police it was lovely to see them all again [ i ran a shop for 6yrs and they all used to come in for a warm] What a laugh we had reminding me of all my old Mad customers one in particular, it's a shame but she had a false arm, not a real one but an old mannequins one! completely out of proportion to the rest of her body, holding a sellotaped on ciggy!!!! ..Well when i first met her i didn't notice and she lost her balance!! and the blumin thing came from out of her sleeve as i tried to catch her!!!!OOOOPS i just stood there gobsmacked holding it!!! she took it back off me calmly shoved it up her sleeve!! LIT the Cigarette and walked off !!!!!!! with me standing watching with my gob wide open !!! it's funny now! well it was witnesed by a police lady who came up and said "Don't worry it always comes off when we arrest her you get used to it"...And the time some Nutters tried to steal my Till !! pffeeee no bloody chance...And the man masturbating while looking at the pine furniture ????? Yep i've got some fond memories!!! will i go back to the shop to work hmmmmmm maybe............................Not cos of the wanker though..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well heres what you do pick up a book close by! Turn to page 123, find the 5th sentence and copy the next 5..
The book i've picked up is AYLWIN by Theodore watt's Dunton, first published in 1898.

object among the debris,standing aghast at the sight of her dead father with the evidence of his hideous crime on his own breast; there came the sound of a cry to "Henry" for help! I beat my head against the bedstead till i was nearly stunned. I yelled and bellowed like.........
I'll tag pilli and woozle and sbs xx

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mad dogs and wwoofers!

Well here i am 2 dogs better off the house smelling of detol and vosene, and i'm jiggered.. i'm so used to just opening the door and letting them go but having to watch the grey who is a marker every chair every corner as been sprinkled!! and duly disinfected, Both washed in Anti dandruff shampoo and groomed so lots of wet towels and jeans and me in need of a bath....The greyhound is being called Bryn he seems to respond to it so it must sound near enough like his own name! As for Wally ?? for now when we bathed him you can see he is supposed to be a huge dog big bones! but he is just a skeleton and he as very little appetite lively enough though and very gentle, when i had a minutes piece this morning i sat down with a sigh and he sat opposite at eye level quite unnerving looked directly in my eyes and lifted his paw My gawd a lurcher thats trained and he his he sits, lies down and crys to go out, i'm just scared he won't come back if i let him loose.. He's missing somebody bless....

This morning Monty changed his routine and went to visit my neighbours {no pun intended in Neighbours] up hill why does he always go up hill!! my poor legs..Meanwhile there had been a tesco delivery to my house and pearl who speaks no english had signed for it and put it all away!!
The only thing was it wasnt mine ooop's it was the neighbours!
I'll be glad to get the house back to myself i always feel constricted when people stay, and feel i should be out there with them, but theres not enough to do in jan unless the weathers good and we have been blessed with a few good days and made the most of them except sunday glorious day and she stayed in bed because it was sunday! argghh...

The second day she was here [giggleing to myself] At teatime we had done a roast dinner, and i saw here pick up the gravy boat and drink from it! ! what!! No no i said and showed her how to pour the gravy on her potatoes! Well bloody hell it wasnt gravy it was black tea! she'd used the jug as a cup she still ate all her spuds though, i think she thought i was mad....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cleaning tip's that's a laugh!

Well What can i say the only tip i have is the one i live in !
Naa it's not that bad honest.
Well if it can be hoovered i hoover it the inside of the Stanley especially and the ceiling [i've been known to mop the ceiling but we won't go there!
If my windows are dirty or misted double gazing, i stick up Net's until i'm in the mood to sort properly!
An old toothbrush to bleach around my window frames a bit anal i know but they get black mould and i'm allergic to it...
Best tip move house and start again!
Ahh news papers for making your windows shiny! not that i do it at home but the shop front always looked good......
And Now i'm going to tag Milla cos shes brill with a dyson. And elizabeth m and mountaineer, and country craft angel.. he he

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can't think of a title !!!


Well done Ben!!

WEll you had my day in the life a perfectly ordinery day in Bodrainia!!

Where work, school, The unresolved bullying issue, and my daughters infatuation with the local Druggy, My dads on going comparisons of me and other people {i'm always found lacking}.... and my darling bruv who hasnt been in touch since before christmas when i dropped off their present's [does his girlfriend imagine a slight???] And a needy friend who needs constant reassurance, and sadly to say i'm trying my hardest to avoid her, but feeling guilty because of it!! Arghhhhh I'm as twisted as one of my forks trying to step lightly around other people........

But meanwhile Lifes good ,I Never Ever thought i'd say this but it's to wet up here i feel like the house is going to slide down the hill...Swoooosh............
We got the conservatory that we took down last week, here to wait years to be rebuilt........

I played up and down the lane today on the new scooter with the dogs chasing me Amazingly Me and Ben won!! Berludy cold though...And giving the neighbours more reason to look askance at me!!! Do i Bloody Care! !! do i Eck!!!

I've also discovered the addiction of E Bay Why did no one warn me! I'm a solar shower! a pewter bowl and a Steeleye span LP !!! Better off!!!!
I've Missed out on countless vintage caravans thank gawd, And a delicious Arts &Crafts opal ring , And a gypsy caravan holiday in suffolk...Oh and the second scooter i won that!

Belly dancing last night always a laugh ,Though the teacher takes herself a bit to seriously!! Just cos shes got a waist!! and knows the steps!!

I'm really looking forward to meeting up on friday at mountaineers i'll take the camera and do some photos if thats ok....
Thats enough for today, i'll post the trail of destruction Monty as left in his trail this week I warn you there'll be lots of %&*^$" in it..