A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

holyhead ferry terminal
It's ages since i've been here I seem to have been tied up doing other peoples business flitting from Holyhead to Denbigh as the sales for the shops slowly go through, making a note of tradesmen needed ie roofers!! and making myself known at the local councils for planning etc, meeting suppliers and organising a stand at the Anglesey show and trying to buy a marqee all really quite exciting and and me going widdershins back to my old trade as a shopkeeper Yes!!! i'll be manning my own shop in Denbigh and i've managed to snag "The earth collection" for north wales (good priced clothing in natural fibres and ethicaly made Etc etc) .All i need now is some money and Wah la!!! ..
The down side Stuck in doors all the time!! and dealing with the general public!! AGAIN you'd think i would have learned by now but needs must... and this time i'll have a computer to keep me saneish!!
Yesterday in all that typical Rain was our first course of the year "Drystone walling" wet stone more like, everyone was drenched but having a great time..Tomorrow i have a hedgerow course to do what we are going to cook i don't know?? maybe make Gorse mead, or nettle soup and i've spotted some water cress! i'll see what the day brings .
The workshops arnt nearly busy enough to live off and i need to be kept busy or else i get toooo lethargic especially this time of the year When we get 1 glorious day and 6 shitte one's, i can't seem to motivate myself to one job and try to do Ten and finish none so i give up and read..
The photo above is from the back window of the holyhead shop not much but when a ferrys docking it's really good.............

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another ordinary day...

It's been a good week a busy week. we've been looking around for a property for our son to buy and renovate, and it looks like we've found it our offers been excepted so i'll be spending a lot of time in holyhead in Anglsey over the next few monthes, getting the shop up and running for sorrel [its a shop and flat] i'm quite looking forward to it .. and not only that its really close tothe ferry 200yds, so i'll be nipping over to ireland i imagine...

This Morning i dropped of nell in llanrwst, and then went to the police station for a visit [I'm well known there]..buying crumpets and butter on the way. As i strolled up a voice boomed out "WELL they're an offence for a start " pointing at my jazzy wellies!! Ha very funny!!! Then hugs and kisses all round xx and then coffee and crumpets with my dear friend M and the other duty police it was lovely to see them all again [ i ran a shop for 6yrs and they all used to come in for a warm] What a laugh we had reminding me of all my old Mad customers one in particular, it's a shame but she had a false arm, not a real one but an old mannequins one! completely out of proportion to the rest of her body, holding a sellotaped on ciggy!!!! ..Well when i first met her i didn't notice and she lost her balance!! and the blumin thing came from out of her sleeve as i tried to catch her!!!!OOOOPS i just stood there gobsmacked holding it!!! she took it back off me calmly shoved it up her sleeve!! LIT the Cigarette and walked off !!!!!!! with me standing watching with my gob wide open !!! it's funny now! well it was witnesed by a police lady who came up and said "Don't worry it always comes off when we arrest her you get used to it"...And the time some Nutters tried to steal my Till !! pffeeee no bloody chance...And the man masturbating while looking at the pine furniture ????? Yep i've got some fond memories!!! will i go back to the shop to work hmmmmmm maybe............................Not cos of the wanker though..