A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SEE THAT !! thats the whipping post just outside of my shop! behind it are a set of stocks eagerly awaiting the "bobbin rastards that nicked the tools from holyhead "...Yep cement mixer ,crow bars, grinders, hammers you name it they had it and i just want to punish them publicly!!!!! Why not? the scum get away with far to much and need stronger punishment not help or Asbo's [ though a nasty jrt down there kec's would show them] which are worn akin to medals as something to be proud of...And detention centres add to their Kudos or Street Cred..
We'll be very lucky if they are caught but i dearly hope so i want to know who they are who their mum's are i want to know then i can get my revenge and i will.....


  1. Hallo Bodran - finally tracked you down! How fascinating! Never seen a whipping post before - though we have a 19th C gaol - and stocks - in the centre of town here, the original stocks having now been copied by the prisoners at Park prison - though I doubt actually tried out in anger. Hope you recover the tools and see justice done to the desperadoes.

  2. Can we have photos when you finally catch them? Bad luck, Bodran.

  3. It makes you sick doesn't it? I'll come and chuck squashy tomatoes when you find the ***s.

  4. Very frustrating. I just don't know what goes through people's heads sometimes.

    CJ xx

  5. Hello to you,
    I tried to leave a message for you earlier today, complimenting you on this rant and encouraging you to rant in future ... and then I lost the server.

    I ranted a bit myself.

    So, in the relative cool of a NY evening I return to say what I tried to say before.


  6. Ahhhhhh i knew it was you SBS!! Give 'em back

  7. You're tagged! I just know you'll find 6 random things to tell us about yourself. Please.

    See you soon.

  8. I'm ready and waiting with my chainsaw - you just have to say the word . . .