A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Dog's!


I never write much about all the dogs, you all hear of tye's adventures and Ben the unrepentant drunk..............But the greyhounds [ Gayhounds as j calls them] very rarely get a mention or a photo shoot mainly because they are so good and far to fast to catch on digital unless they are asleep.... Well i finally got a picture of moo playing shes such a shy girl and stays close to my heel all the time then suddenly she'll have a burst of happiness and play for about 30 seconds, really lovely to see and this was a very lucky shot.....We've had her for about 14monthes shes 7 years old and an ex hurdler she'd done nearly 200 races in her time and won her owners a lot of money...Luckily for her, her owners cared enough to rehomed her..... She'd never had a litter... she's very plain and doesnt have many teeth, i would have overlooked her if there'd been a choice, but there wasn't and i'm so lucky!!! She's a love!

The other dog in the photo the brown one is SACHA, i got her at the same time as tye from a sanctuary just outside manchester............It's heartbreaking and i should know better than to visit...
It's professionaly run, and you pay 50p to go in, and all these poor dogs are on display with notes printed above of their history and their price, usually£75 upwards... there is no home visit you fill in a form pay and if it doesnt work out you can return the dog and get a credit note, it sounds bizarre but it works...............
I just shouldnt go i never learn! Sacha was in one of these cages With the note ! 6yrs old elderly owner passed away!! she was enormous 8st and only the size of a small lab, She'd become flat footed with being so fat, and her claws were really long because they didn't touch the floor, she'd caught a bug and was making enough snot [won't go into that] but it was truly gross..But boy did she have a wonderful expressive face and smiling eyes even in that state.......You must remember i'd gone looking for a greyhound type,,,,, i went further along and spotted an elegant brindle and white thing sat leaning with his back to the gate, head down he wouldnt look around just slumped body language said it all, his history read " Tyeson, 18mth old lurcher, owners have a new baby! !.....
"Oh no!! Nell what do we do" she shrugged get them both!! I need no pushing! "if they get on" i told the kennel girl ! "i'll have them both!! sh.t what'll colon say!! And guess what they " got on" ......£150 later and some help lifting Fatso into the car they where ours.....
And arriving home an hour and a half later in a Snot smeared car HEAVE!!!!!!!!!!
Col was in the yard when we pulled in and unfazed as usual! helped get them out make a fuss of them and introduce them to the others!!! And we havent regretted it for a minute they are both extremely faithful and the clowns of the bunch...........
You must understand i'm not "dog mad" They have there place, the house is out of bounds except for the 2 gayhounds and old man Ben .. Gosh! thats still 3 dogs sleeping inside! it doesnt seem many when you have 8...But they are out all day unless it's raining or windy or sunny Yikes maybe i am getting dog mad! or just plain soft !!


  1. You big softie! But i would have done the same, hense i dont go to places like that!
    Mu mother does and she has a house full!
    Good on you, hope they give you much pleasure.

  2. I couldn't think of anything better than having 8 dogs! I adore dogs. I'm trying to talk the farmer into getting a spaniel (a gun dog that he can take with him on his shoots). Sparky's still hyper and I know it'd be a bit daft but I hold my hands up: I am dog mad!!

    Crystal xx

  3. I felt just the same when I went to a Cat rescue place, wanted them all!

  4. Me too. Have to avoid those places or I'd get them all. Lovely dogs.

  5. Sounds a bit like you are dog mad I'm afraid. It starts with one little feller and before you know it vroom a whole yard full. I have a sister who is addicted to german Shepherds, the dogs that is. At one point she rescued 3 to add to the 4 she already had. Nuts!

  6. Oh, you are so good, you remind me of my sister - she was always taking in waifs and strays. I couldnt go to a place like that, How CAN people have a baby and abandon their dog? Its wicked.

  7. Ours our outside dogs too and mad as ahtters. Lucky dogs to have chosen you!

  8. Yup, you are indeed dog mad, but lovely with it. Repeat after me "I must not go again."
    Hope Grandad is doing well. You sound to have had quite a week!

  9. Oh you are lovely but I've seen the joy they've brought you all including Col. I would have loved to see his face....
    Hope all is well with grandad and the news was positive

  10. Barking ...absoluely barking.....says she with 7 cats and 3 dogs! NO MORE I shout NO MORE! Does anybody take any notice........nope!

    Hope Grandad is Ok

  11. They seem to be having a gay old time anyway! Love 'em!! xxx

  12. Yes, you are totally soft - but they are all gorgeous..... I think it's great that you rescued the lousy-looking snotty one as well as the noble Tye. jxx