A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Open day

Well i'm back, almost feeling normalish, Why oh why???? was the open day moved to the day after sports day! it's just to much excitement ! And all falling amidst the ragwort weeks oh and the 4o chimes order..
WEll it's all done now phew !!! just a tour of devonish & dorsetty areas with nelly this week sleeping in the van and pretending to be surfers, i love my travelling adventures with the children very spontaneous! never enough money! but always memorable..

Back to the garden i lost count at 65 strangers wandering around ! there was lots of positive feedback and lots of cuttings taken, someone even ate my peas.!!! how dare they.

when we first volunteered 7yrs ago only 2 other villagers took part and the Redcross where desperate for gardens and ours was work in progress and still is but the same people have come back year after year to see whats happened , it's nice not at all posh like the NGS can be which is a good thing really, though you do get some folk trying a tad to hard.....Next year I won't try at all it seemed people got out of their cars said Wow!!! that view!! AND WHAT A GORGEOUS DOG!!! Ethan was loving it and definatly stole the show preening and posing like a super model.. We kept tye inthe house just in case he brought anything truly gross back to show people or even worse a still kicking rabbit !! i really don't think the town folk could have coped with that.
Even more embaressing nell and her 2 friends had set up anobstickle [just got to leave that mistake] in the yard for ben the JR to do and they'd placed a bowl with coppers in hoping for donations young entrepaneurs or what!!!! needless to say i made them share it with me...
But not reallyxx
Pili pala is over from France and when we get a sober moment we will get her blogging....
As for sports day as per usual the weather is always good, Well for once i entered no races, missed the tug of war !! watched the tractor pull !! I did MOSH?? with the vicars wife, very narrowly missed getting squashed by to ladys falling over oucchhh!! and met up with friends i only see this one day a year , we got in much earlier than usual {1.30am} with more children than i left with!!! explain that one!. There was a Bucking bronco thing in the square to No i didnt go it but colon did when i wasnt looking and stuck on for 27 seconds i was impressed his friend ie 2 seconds! said it was because he was bigger than the cow!!! LOL ..The party continued until breakfast apparently and jacob came home then....A good time was had by all ......What pleased my darlings the most was the fact that i'd lost my voice!! i've no idea how??? have you...xx


  1. I expect to see you come back with a greyhound under one arm and a donkey under the other. The weather forecast is g o o d [shhhh] Enjoy.

  2. It sounded like a huge success. I do wish that I could do something with my garden. It's so utterly boring!

    Crystal xx

  3. A donkey and Monty imagine the stories i could tell, yes shhhh.xx
    I bet your garden is just a wonderful blank canvas crystal, i'm sure you can work some magic..xx

  4. Sounds fantastic Jo. I bet I'd love your garden. I know what you mean about adventures with the children, even on a shoestring we manage to have them too.

  5. Eek - we've got Open Garden next year to raise funds for village hall. Excuse at the moment is building work - maybe the delays will have a silver lining, like we won't be ready? Hmmmmmmmmm. Did you get the painting finished?x

  6. One day when i have had a gin too far I'll post a piccie of me on a bucking bronco..........

  7. Sounds fabulous, loved the idea of camping in the van being 'surfers' for a while. My daughter used to put all her drawings in the pottery showroom with a little pot and a sign 'donations for sweets', she made a small fortune each summer.

  8. Sounds like a good time was had by all! I expect it must be nice for your visitors to feel involved when they see the changes you've made to your garden from one year to the next!

  9. Just stay away from that shipwreck...I can see the news headlines now....intrepid Welshwoman steals wreck to make chimes with...or something ..a couple of suits of armour perhaps....???

  10. Must be great having people admire your garden. Mind you, ours is very pretty. I love the kids putting out a bowl with coppers in - very like the Larkins!

  11. Ferlip - more garden and now dog envy . . . and you day sounded amazing.

  12. Hello Jo,

    It has been a while since I got over to look at what you have been up to.

    What a pleasure to return to your neighborhood. I think that you are really experiencing summer.

    Visitors to your garden are so lucky. Even more lucky your lovely girl going on the surfer tour.


  13. garden sounds fab! You have a great time adventuring with Nell-I love to do that too with my boys-hence Northumberland and next week to caravan.

    I am going to do blog soon re the Oak Tree-found another wonderful one nearby and feel very inspired...just need the time with the kids and orders to deal with!

    warm wishes and have a great break

  14. I wish that I could come on your garden tour!! The caravans are lovely and I have told the Great Dane that we NEED a trailer up in the woods - as a hidey hole for me!

  15. Really enjoy reading your blogs, you bring us along with you. Thank you!