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Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mother Cleans while childs excluded from school!!!

Well where do i start?? i know llanrwst we finaly managed to get some tenants out of the house there they owe £3ooo rent and the newly refurbished carpeted house they moved into 4yrs ago is disgusting...You all know how much i loathe cleaning my own house but i do, but cleaning up after lazy %%$%^&* like them is soul destroying.. any way thats where i've been all week! today i stayed home and did my own stuff, i was ill all night some germ off the carpets no doubt....
Now for the fun bit!! A message on the answer phone..Your daughter elorah has been excluded from school for fighting??! i thought it was a wind up until i saw her face as she got of the bus and her hand clutching a letter..We Are Mean and pretended not to know until she'd told us!
And it was true she had been fighting or rather she'd been hit while sticking up for some one else who was getting bullied! ! The bully had turned on her and slapped her across the face! and i'm glad to say nell responded promptly with one of her own !!! it then turned into a hair pulling brawl [i can just imagine it cringge] Then bully ran away!!! And nell as punishment?????? doesnt have to go to school tomorrow??? [If thats punishment she'll fight everyday i certainly would have.]
She said mum looking very worried and tearful am i going to get shouted at by you??? No i said and hugged her, she replied "i'm glad and i'm sorry but it was the right thing to do"!! talk about a "little house on the priarie" moment!!


  1. We are currently running a workshop on trying to prevent bullying at our school. It's only a small village school but has had a case recently which I'm glad is now sorted out. However, I hate anything to do with bullying. I worry for my daughter, Amy, who's autistic and has every chance of being bullied later in life. Crystal x

  2. Middle son did exactly the same! Waded in to stop a bully and got into horrific trouble for doing so! S'not fair!
    Went on a walk yesterday to some really old trees took pics for you ..on my blog! Tree spirits? More than you could shake a stick at!

  3. good for her for standing up to the bully. my daughter em did the same when she was in primary school and received weeks of being bullied herself as a result. It was a hard time for her but i was proud of her.

  4. Poor Nell, but good for her. Horrible memories of staning up to bullies myself when younger - you don't get thanked for it,although it's patently the right thing to do.

  5. Nell has learned some lessons - Mum loves her and will stand by her when she's right; it is right to speak up or act when someone is being bullied; sometimes life is unfair.
    Good for you for sticking up for your Nell! Bless Nell for taking the first steps towards confronting injustice (bullying) and may she always be that way!

  6. Oh I love her - when will bullying ever stop - no matter what age person you speak to - they all seem to have been bullied at school. Very sad. Very worried for our little Heiress when she starts school. Hope she has a friend like your daughter if she needs one - love mousie

  7. Hi Jo
    will email about the garden visit. would love to meet up with the shropshire crew. how shall we co-ordinate it? have you got email addresses? away for a couple of days but will be in touch next week.

  8. Bless her! She sounds a sweetie, sticking up for her mate like that x

  9. What a lovely girl and good for you to show her your support with that-I would have handled it exactly the same.

    I hate bullies and worry terribly for my kids like some children do.

    warm wishes
    PS-I hope you find this message-would love to meet up with you and Elizabethm+SBS. Woozle is up for it too.

    I either need to fit it around school hours or a Saturday, apparently Tuesday, Fridays or Saturdays are good for Woozle.

    We can meet somewhere halfway-Bala or Welshpool??-not sure of your exact locations. I am v close to church Stretton-so you are all welcome to come here, but I don't want you guys to do all the travelling. Health permitting I would be fine to come over to meet you somewhere. Nervous, but excited at the prospect. And good that I feel brave enough...I don't seem to have felt brave for a long time....

    Will try and leave another message if you don't get this/or with Elizabethm

    Bye for now


    PPS-Thank you for your order-will get onto it ASAP.

  10. Hello Jo,
    I am in total agreement with Pondside.
    Cheers to Nell the defender.
    And to her mom!

  11. Bullying is foul and she was right to stand up to it....but isn't it just typical that the teacher always sees the wrong thing?! Life can be soooo unfair.
    But, like you say, a day off school as punishment? Go figure.
    Horrid that tenants have been so grim....not sure I could handle that kind of thing.
    Ragwort? We have been lucky there - we get the odd clump but jump in on it from a great height and it has never really taken hold in our fields. Docks and thistles and bracken are our bane....but not for much longer!! Tee hee.....

    Know just what you mean.... I love and hate the land in equal measures. Know I'll miss it horribly but not all the hard work.
    I am HUGELY envious of your get-together with the Shropshire crew... Not fair, not fair...jxxxxxx

  12. Good for her and you were brilliant too - hope I can be as great as you are with yours when the time comes for mine and if mine are half as brave as Nell I will be so proud!