A farmers toast!

Let the wealthy and great, Roll in splendour and state, I envy them not i declare it, I eat my own lamb, My chickens and ham, I shear my own fleece and i wear it, I have lawns,I have bowers, I have fruits,I have flowers, The lark is my morning alarmer, So joyful boy's now, Here's god speed the plough, Long life and success to the farmer!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn days..

Well i've heard of tree frogs !!!

A lazy day today after yesterdays jaunt.
But the sun is shining again and everywhere look's pink and all the web's are glistening like gossamer.................but i do hate it when you walk through them .............

So today i thought ! [another grand plan] I'll go to the beach with the dogs, and stop in the vets on the way to get them weighed and buy a treatment for their fleas. as much as i like catching them and squashing them !!!!! i just can't keep up.........

Well what a palava ??
5 furry beasts in the back of the car being amazingly good. And "lord Ben" the jrt on the front seat to stop him causing trouble....
I stopped at the garage on the way, and looked in the back! ! it's to quiet ?....... and they where all looking back at me with BIG eyes! ears back! and tails down! and swallowing!, then it struck me the only times they have been in cars is to be taken away from what they know and left by their owners.................
Lordy they thought they where going away again....
I flew into the vets with them in one huge tangle of miserable dogs, parted with £67 for the stuff, i nearly fell through the floor blurdy ell ! ! and booked honey in to be spayed........ Tumbled back into the car and came home What absolute joy as soon as they recognised the drive the smiles came on their faces and their tails began to wag....................Now they're all sleeping after there adventure............Ben was the only one looking slightly peeved because i didnt leave them..........

The beach was a bad idea i should have leapt on to the scooter and gone????? HHhhhhmmmm where next...................................... toot toot...

The Drive to shropshire was stunning, i've never gone that far before about 160miles or more in a day. but its a nippy bike iwas a bit disapointed it only does 60mph !but i know thats quick enough.........
On one of the little lane's i saw a sign post for Rowley [surname] so i had to take a look imagine there could be "The old Rowley mansion" just awaiting our arrival ,Yeah right ! there was a crossroads and a chapel humph very dissapointed.......
Sbs was as welcoming as ever yelling" OY! ! missis where you goin !!" ...As i drove passed her house............ to hear that through a helmet takes some doing...lol
A fab lunch and a glorious walk, and time gone to Quick ................i really wanted to get a certain horrible bit of road behind me before it got dark, not knowing how bright my headlights are.
So there i am wrapping up in countless layers, and i moved the chair And the blumin back came off in my hand! ! mortified i could feel myself going red! and they were both in hysterics!!! evil !!! it was a trap i'm sure..........but thank gawd it does it all the time.....
Needless to say i didnt get to were i wanted before dark but i got home.........xxxxxxxxx


  1. I've said it before - you were an adventurer in a previous life - a pioneer or explorer! If you learn to fly you could call me and surprise me with a visit too!

  2. Phew had visions of you lost on welsh mountains!!Envious of your trips out!!

  3. Wow, you go long for journeys! It sounds a wonderful day.

  4. Felt so sad for those doggers - can't explain to them can you?

    The Day Out sounded brilliant. Glad you're home safely.

  5. Just been reading about your visit over at SBS's, it sounded great can't quite get over your spontaneity but you are definitely a doer.

    That window is beautiful, I thought it was old as it is rare to see quirky beautiful things like that today.

  6. so glad you got home in one piece and that the dogs learnt that life doesnt always turn out badly. I think pondside is right that you were an adventurer in a previous life. all the more reason to come down to london one day. are you up for it? I am so sad i missed your walk with jane - sounds fantastic. please can i come on the next one?

  7. Just read of your wonderful visit to SBS and am very impressed with your journeyings and your turquoise scooter!

  8. We were hysterical at the look of horror on your face!!! That happens at least three times a week...usually a visitor...shall have to get some stronger wood glue!! Now before eveyone thinks these chairs are crap MFI monsters I shall hereby note that they are actaully very old solid wood school chairs from the Bog school that closed in the 1960's. The going rate is £5 per chair ...a few left I think!

    Glad the poor dogs got over their panic attack! Bless!

  9. Busy day! Very brave taking all those dogs to the vet.....and love the idea of you seeing SBS like that....time for a diet?!!

  10. I think you ARE an adventure!!!!!I feel brave if I go to the vets with 2or 3........
    Hope they get to the beach, though, I'm sure they would love it.
    I'm just DETERMINED to make one of these get-togethers if I can get a day off next time- if you can do it 3 hrs on a scooter, I should jolly well manage 3 hrs in a car!

  11. Would love to see you if you're scooting round here - you put me to shame! I'm not disappearing, just putting my head down for a while. ChrisX

  12. Rowleys mansion is in the middle of Shrewsbury in barker street...was a museum until recently and a very smart place it is too!

  13. Hope the flea stuff works, our dog was forever getting them from rolling in the hills, either that or off the farmer...teehee!

  14. I've been to the rowley museum in shrewsbury apparently they where merchants 'Figures.xx

  15. Ahhhhh, cider. Yum. Poor dogs thinking they were on a one way-er. But bet they won't miss those fleas. Ride-on, girlfriend!